Our Approach

The Midwest Communications approach is simple. We focus on creating relevant, authoritative, and educational content for all of our audiences, regardless if it is over the airways, online, print, or streaming. Then, we use that expertise to help our clients determine their perfect audience and the best way to reach them. We do this by creating profiles for ideal clients based on the following audience parameters:


By Location

reach people where people live, work, and play based on physical addresses or zip codes


By Demographic

scale with precision by selecting specific characteristics such as age, race, income level, political affiliation, interests, occupation, and more


By Behavior

discover the right audience based on what they search for and read online

List of Services

Brand Identity + Positioning

Automated Assistant
Brand Reputation Management
Competitive Research
Customer Research
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Presence Strategy

Advertising + Customer Connection

Marketing Strategy
Brand Messaging & Positioning
Campaign Strategy

Digital, Social, + Branded Content

Digital Billboard Advertising
Print Advertising

Radio Advertising

Social Media Content + Advertising

Streaming Video
Targeted Advertising
Video Production

Web Design + Development

Competitive Research
Customer Research
Google Analytics
Search Engine Optimization
Website Strategy
Website Development & Hosting

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